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postheadericon Choosing the best gaming monitor

If you’re really into gaming, you know that you must have the perfect monitor. In order to get the best monitor for gaming, you’ll need to shop around. First look at the most popular places either online or in stores, such as BestBuy. When you have found few stores, you’re ready to do the price comparing.


Of course you need to find the best monitor with great resolution and the best size. When you’re playing your games, you don’t want to use a small monitor. Also, you don’t want to stare at something that doesn’t give you a clear picture, right? So, best way to find the monitors is look at what the resolutions and sizes are. You can also check about the HD as well, more of the maximum sizes. If you are going all out, then you want the maximum resolutions.


Don’t forget when comparing to look at the color quality and the viewing angles as well. Check the different features and video input as well. What is a monitor good for if you can’t plug things into it? Also, if you go with the 120 Hz or higher, it helps a lot with the refresh rate. So that is always good to check out the monitors refresh rates.


During our search to find the best gaming monitor,  we looked at numerous things like picture quality, color depth and also price. The cost of a monitor is very important. It must represent value for money


The Acer R240HY


This monitor has been around for quite a while now, but ticks all the boxes we were looking for. It’s great value for money. There are numerous acer r240hy reviews and all very positive. Find out more about the acer R240hy here:


Not only is it rated as being great in high viewing angles, light weight, and perfect for gamers all around but it comes at an unbeatable price too.


With the bezels on the monitor being thin, it helps being able to make multiple setups. The HD is full and wonderful and the monitor makes pictures so clear and the the color quality is excellent as well. You’ll be able to adjust settings easily and be able to focus more without a blurring picture. It is said that light doesn’t glare on the screen because of the matte. No matter how you use this monitor, you will get a good response rate. The refresh rate is 60 Hz, but that shouldn’t keep you from playing games. The monitor still provides good benefits at an affordable price, depending where you should go.


You don’t have to worry about the power usage in the acer monitor as well. It provides only 19w of power. So it is energy efficient. Not to mention besides gaming, this is a great monitor to watch movies or do school work and surf the internet. There is good and bad in everything, but looking more realistic, cost efficient, and the great outcome, acer r240hy would be an excellent choice for your gaming needs. Well worth the price and the picture quality is said to be outstanding.


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